a place to hide the bodies..

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Cash here.

I figured since that bastard Starkweather fucking failed at killing me but succeeded in destroying what little hope of a life that I had left. That I would take over this video business as my own and give these fucking thugs exactly what they have coming.

Pain and anguish my friends.

So join our ranks and make your impact with your weapon of choice.[I of course will be keeping this chainsaw for fond memories of stalking Piggsy throughout his bloody abbatior.] So quit your fucking crying ya pussies!It’s still kill or be killed around here. Business as usual…

[the rules]

Keep your sniveling posts on topic [OT] We don’t want to hear about the new Dance Dance Revolution game you purchased or what you had for lunch at school today. Keep the subjects graphic and interesting. If your stuck, we might be able to help ya out. But if you start some flame war on my community I’m liable to show up at your house some night with my scythe and tearing you a new asshole in mind. Oh, and if your idea of “manhunt”, is a place for gay men OR a bunch of kids playing capture the flag around their dreary little towns. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! We don’t want your shit. We just want justice, CASH STYLE!!

If your still reading, welcome to the fold…
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