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Hola again people, I was just running through Manhunt again, when I decided to take a bunch of screenshots to use as desktop wallpaper. Since I am devoid a webpage to store these pics, I figured I would ask everyone which wallpapers they would want, being I did them of the many executions in the game. Just post your e-mail addy and your favorite weapon (no guns please), and I will put an attachment of all the wallpapers I have for that particular weapon. I tried to get them as good as possible but it's tough sometimes, so if they aren't to your liking I can try again. It's easy, especially with the PC version. So feel free to ask for any screenshots you might want, if it's in the game, rest assured I can get it for ya. Anyway, I'm rambling on, so time to end this, laters.

-The Director Kamen

Edit: Forget the E-mail thing, I've made my images at Photobucket.com public, feel free to look through them, I will add more soon, as well as some for the wire and plastic bag, laters.

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