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Butcher them, Cash, beat them down, cut them up, and choke the fucking life out of them...

Heh, just one of my favorite lines from Brian Cox in Manhunt. Anyway, hello everyone, I'm the new guy. I would hope this community isn't dead yet, since the last post was quite awhile back, but no matter. I love Manhunt, I think it's one of Rockstar's best games (not being a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series), and pray for a sequel. So as I begin to ramble, I was close with this question. What are your top three Gruesome executions in Manhunt? I will put mine down and hope to get some good comments.

1. Hammer
2. Sickle
3. Wire

See? It's that easy, laters.

-The Director Kamen
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Welcome to the group! We are not quite dead yet, just awaiting the sequel to manhunt. Many rumours flying around, I think we are just waiting for something concrete and then the forum will spring back to life..

As for executions, I prefer:


That'll be a good day. I've played the original to death.

In no particular order:

1. bat
2. garrotte wire
3. handaxe

However, the hammer has never failed, not once in the year and a half period or so I've owned the game, in making me shudder whenever I watch any of the executions.
Amen to that, it's brutal, but then again the gruesome for the handaxe never fails to activate the shudder response. Also, rest assured, if I gain any knowledge of the sequel, I will post it quickly. Sequels to games I love always get me excited.
1 plastic bag
2 bat
3 scythe

...go figure.
hey ... i am stucked where i have to do a gruesome and a violent kill with the hammer ....how do i do that ??? please help me !